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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life, so far.

Currently listening to...
" Christina Medina - What Are Words "

Whenever I listen to him sing, I just felt like crying.
Simply, because his voice is just too beautiful.

So.. yeah, a bit emotional lately.
I miss college life, every single bit of it.

" 我要每天跟你上课可以吗? "

Setting foot on community is tough.
For me, a newborn.

It's the third week since I officially entered working phase.
My job is really challenging, and I have wacky colleagues. Damn.
Basically, I wouldn't know what would fall upon me each and everyday.
I could be answering phone calls for my company, scanning or editing photos,
showing brides and bride grooms-to-be our latest Venus Wedding Collection,
buying pots?! trees and lavenders?! cutting paper leaves for Yeap Chor Ee's family?
And yeah, PHOTO MONTAGE. A combination of both Photoshop and 3ds Max.

I actually traveled up to Penang Hill myself, bringing a huge bag of candles 
for a garden-themed wedding setup at David Brown's last Saturday.
It was just.. too much to take in at first.
But did I actually realized,
that I love it?

After all, I took the road less traveled by.
That should make a difference.

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