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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Turn Back Time

I miss... my flexibility of time.
Working life really sucks sometimes, like seriously.
Why would I even have to ask permission from my boss to take leave on public holidays?
Right, he's a workaholic. But I'm not.

I miss... being a child.
Stress-free, with no responsibilities at all.
Now, I have to learn take care of my own, my family, pay bills/loans etc.
I have to be punctual, and I have to be professional at work so that others do not take me easily.

And the part which I hate the most, socializing and communicating.
Not that I'm antisocial, but I really dislike talking to strangers or pleasing somebody.
But I have to, because my profession requires me to do so.
I don't have 10 hands to complete every single task given.
Neither that I am good in everything.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life, so far.

Currently listening to...
" Christina Medina - What Are Words "

Whenever I listen to him sing, I just felt like crying.
Simply, because his voice is just too beautiful.

So.. yeah, a bit emotional lately.
I miss college life, every single bit of it.

" 我要每天跟你上课可以吗? "

Setting foot on community is tough.
For me, a newborn.

It's the third week since I officially entered working phase.
My job is really challenging, and I have wacky colleagues. Damn.
Basically, I wouldn't know what would fall upon me each and everyday.
I could be answering phone calls for my company, scanning or editing photos,
showing brides and bride grooms-to-be our latest Venus Wedding Collection,
buying pots?! trees and lavenders?! cutting paper leaves for Yeap Chor Ee's family?
And yeah, PHOTO MONTAGE. A combination of both Photoshop and 3ds Max.

I actually traveled up to Penang Hill myself, bringing a huge bag of candles 
for a garden-themed wedding setup at David Brown's last Saturday.
It was just.. too much to take in at first.
But did I actually realized,
that I love it?

After all, I took the road less traveled by.
That should make a difference.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miley Cryus - Wrecking Ball

I personally do not fancy the new Miley Cyrus.
But here's her new single "Wrecking Ball".
And it speaks for me.

 Listen carefully at the lyrics.
Just listen.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lying to myself, again.

Can't help but to feel like shit tonight.
Workload's actually stressing me out and I couldn't sleep.
I have a fucking sales gallery to propose, which is rather urgent.
And a meeting tomorrrrrrrrow morning.

Guess what? BOOM!
I was trying so hard to close my eyes to get some sleep on the bed.
And then, SOMEBODY out of nowhere just happened to POKE my wound through my iPhone.

At this hour? For no reason?
All that positive attitude I had for the entire day just went into the drain.

Fuck you, dude.
Burn in hell.

Maybe I'll thank you for this night one day. Maybe.
Because tonight's rather clear enough to see who would be there for me, and who wouldn't.

* This blog is never created for me to whine or to type vulgarly.
   But I couldn't help it right now. I just.. couldn't.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

It's like the years kinda flew by.
Three days ON SHOW, with most of us successfully graduated.

Words can't describe how happy I am.
But at the same time, stress and anxiety falls in.

And then I know, it's nothing but just a brand new level of life.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Arts Kacang?

Acoustics and Architecture

Currently listening to...
" The Other Side - Jason Derulo "

Dancing as I'm typing, lolololol.
I can do whatever I want at home, yes!
Spend more time being at home because Jeff's back this whole week.
Right now we're both sitting opposite each other in the dining area with our laptops on.

He's pretending to study but I know he's not. 
Where on Earth do you find people laughing their asses off while studying?

Right, back to what this post is about.
Acoustics and Architecture by Nick Boulter, E&O Hotel.
In Malaysia, this probably is non of an ID's business.
But who knows that a RM20 seminar like this would come in handy, someday in the future?
(Still attended the seminar despite food poisoning and injection the night before, wtf. )
Representatives from 108.
The guys trying to be cheeky, as usual.
Morning tea with Yik Ting.
The 20 Ringgit note we paid included 3 meals!
Too bad I didn't get to eat a thing. Could only eat white bread.
Group activity as above, Acoustic Town Planning.
We were given an A3 paper with a simple map on, sticky notes and a pen.
And then, decide where buildings like hospitals, high/low-rise residential area etc. should be placed.

Town Planning seems like child's play, but is as hard as fcuk.
Balisom ended up sleeping on top of Jiet's knee! 
Nick Boulter with Equator Academy of Art.
Ooh la la..
Buns and Sky juice for lunch.
No shrimps, steaks and sweet meats for me, boohoo.
The others get to eat as much as they want in Sarkiers Corner!
Not fair.........

Redbox, again.

 For some reasons, singing in Redbox is like a MUST DO every term break.
I don't know since when we had this habit, really. 
Yik Ting, me and now... Nick, too?

But of course, this wasn't our latest visit.
It happened last term break.
 We bought a RM20 voucher which we haven't got the chance to use it yet.
Gonna use it like REAL SOON when Yik Ting comes back from KL.
My second visit to 黄金贼!
Tried the Wasabi flavour that Yong Nein strongly recommended.
Turns out... so much yummeeeh than Nick's Original flavour . 
Not a very exciting day, but it was fun.
Yeah, we had fun!

《爱我的人 收》

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Apartment Stay @ Sri Sayang Resort

Currently listening to...
" Demons - Imagine Dragons "

Lifeless as I may be, this post continues from The Last Term
 Say hello to my best mate in college.
Clear blue sky and sea water.
Our super duper awesome day out at Batu Ferringhi begins with...

  Three of us waiting for Jiaki and Jiet driving south from AS.
So much to do while waiting.. we checked in, ate lunch at Mc Donald's.
Jumping all around the beach, dip in the seawaters and of course, took photos!
Nick with his never-ending somersaults.
 # Nick
 # Yik Ting
 # Meeeeeee
Nooooo... I'm covered in sand!

Never knew that sand could be so heavy.
Couldn't get up without help, really!

The guys trying to make a sand angel.
LOL, Malaysia doesn't snow.

 After dipping in the sea, we dipped in the pool.
And witnessed sunset from our balcony.
So beautifoooooooool yo!
God creates awesome stuff we see everyday.

 Homemade Hot Pot, all thanks to Jiet.
Went to the nearest sundry shop to purchase Tomyam paste.
Nick left the whole bottle in his fridge, together with my Soy Bean Milk.
 Yum, Yum, Yummy!